Abadi: the liberation of Nineveh will be founded to liberate Hawija

16/05/2017 15:52:17


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the liberation of Nineveh province from the control of the Daqash organization will establish for the liberation of Hawija province in Kirkuk province. He pointed out that there is an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the recent military operations west of Nineveh .

Abadi said during his weekly press conference that "the liberation of Nineveh will establish the liberation of Hawija," pointing at the same time that "there is an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the recent operations west of Nineveh ."

"We started a few days ago a military operation north of the north and north of Nukhayb to hunt remnants of terrorists ."

The Joint Operations Command announced on Tuesday that 16,667 terrorists had been killed since the liberation of Mosul, while 89.5 percent of the city's right-hand areas were liberated .

Abadi said that "the most debt borne by Iraq internal and not external," pointing out that "the government began to extinguish some of the debt despite the decline in oil prices ."

He added that "Iraq with the continued reduction of oil prices and without this action will collapse prices," noting that "the volume of spending, despite the reduction is still greater than revenues ."

He added that "the government continues to provide services to citizens despite the lack of imports," stressing that "it focuses on important projects such as water and sewage allocations less than previous years ."

"The fighting in Mosul must proceed according to a calculated speed," Abadi said, noting that "our intelligence capabilities have evolved as we run ahead of the enemy now and become exposed to us ."

He added that "we prepare elements calling for a fair trial and invite them to surrender," pointing out that "political differences help the enemy terrorist operations by spreading confusion and problems ."

He pointed out that "we have uncovered many of the kidnapping cells in Baghdad, linked to armed factions, but these factions disavow them," referring to "the establishment of a cell of political kidnappings because they need to be treated of another kind ."

Source: obelisk