Iraq: Lack of accuracy in statistics confuses business

Journal May 16, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

A number of specialists attributed the reasons that led to the weakness in the availability of accurate statistics for the trade of services in Iraq to the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country during the past years, which greatly affected the provision of statistical data.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, told the "Journal News" on Tuesday, "The statistical data on many important joints turned into projects that seek the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning achieved by the adoption of United Nations organizations, especially data on population and health "But with regard to the commercial aspect," there are some problems in this sector, especially in the field of trade exchange between Iraq and other countries. "

On the other hand, the Iraqi economic expert, Majid al-Suri, in a statement to the "Journal News" on Tuesday, that the statistics on the file of international trade in the field of services "exist but suffers from lack of coordination both by the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Oil." A statistic issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Planning in respect of services imported to Iraq while there are no services exported from Iraq. "

He pointed out that "the confusion in the registration of statistics has a negative impact as it is the basis of scientific analysis and auditing and the development of strategies and auditing and planning and therefore the lack of accuracy on these statistics cause a major imbalance can not be overcome by all specialists in the various fields, whether economic or social.