Trump envoy assures Barzani and support the training of US forces Peshmerga*
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Twilight News / met Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani at his residence Bmsif Salah al-Din on Monday with Brett Macgork US presidential envoy to the international coalition against Daesh his accompanying author of Douglas Silliman US ambassador to Iraq, and Ken Cross, US Consul delegation in Erbil province and a group of advisers in the US trip in Baghdad

The meeting discussed the situation on the ground in the face of terrorists in Mosul, and the challenges that will follow the post Daesh in Iraq

He Macgork During the meeting, the continued support and military training by US forces for the Peshmerga forces

The meeting shed light on the relations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad, and the future of the political process in Iraq

On the other side of the meeting, they discussed the political and security affairs in Syria, as well as the elimination of the Daesh plans