Asadi: All factions of the crowd leaders will participate in the upcoming elections
May 13, 2017
| 14:41
The spokesman for the popular crowd, "Ahmed al-Asadi" on Saturday the popular crowd is the first force in Iraq while pointing out that the ministries of defense and internal laws applicable to the crowd and therefore not entitled to Mnzbeh combatants subscribe to the elections only after submitting their resignations

"The al-Asadi" at a news conference attended by the Iraqi situation said the popular crowd is the first force in Iraq

He added, "al-Asadi that" the crowd popular as the law refers is part of the armed forces, and what applies to the defense and interior ministries applies to him, nor any fighter of the popular crowd is entitled to stand for election unless he resigned except the crowd's leaders are entitled to participate

He continued, al-Asadi" is not without a party of popular participation by the crowd and the right of this political process forces but not one has the right to invest fighters or subscribe to a part of the popular crowd