Iraq market traded shares worth 25 billion dinars
Twilight News
3 hours ago

Twilight News / trading on the Iraq Stock Exchange shares sized billion shares worth up to 25 billion dinars, with an increase in the number of companies traded during the last week

The executive director of the market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in a statement reported to Twilight News, that the Iraq Stock Exchange systems during the week ending atheist ten of May the current five trading sessions in the formal market and one sitting in the second market indicating that the number of listed companies in the market amounted to (99) joint stock company after the shares of the world Islamic Bank for Investment and finance including the inclusion of procedures for the completion of 71 companies listed in the regular market and 28 companies listed in the second market

He stressed that during the sessions last week traded shares of 52 companies in the formal market and (4) companies in the second market to become the number of companies suspended from trading for failing to submit annual and quarterly disclosure of the Commission and the market (14) company

He continued Abdul Salam said the number of shares traded last week amounted to 20 billion shares, compared to 25 billion shares for the week before dropping by (19.03%) compared to the week which was accepted, while the value of shares traded last week (14) billion dinars (24 ) billion dinars for the week before, falling by (41.07%) compared to the preceding week

He said the number of transactions executed last week reached (1745) deal compared to (1523) deal for the week before falling market index ISX 60 by (1.54%) during the last week closed for the week before when it closed at (629.47) points