Parliamentary reveal corruption "threatens Iraq's national security
Twilight News
4 hours ago

Twilight News / MP for a coalition of state law, high Nassif revealed on Saturday for obtaining information and documents condemning someone new occupies an important position in the Ministry of Defense was involved brokerage issues and corruption disrupted an important strategy for the Ministry of projects

Nassif said in a statement reported by its press office today, Twilight News, she "got serious documents confirming earlier their information about these military personal who holding a civilian asserting that has witnesses assured her that these personal family and tribal and close relationship with one of the window leaders State exercises considerable pressure to prevent allowing their recognized impartiality may make any of the information that will put this in front of personal accountability making witnesses reluctant to report them for fear of their oppression

It showed that these witnesses had made them with information indicating that these personal asked kickbacks from a contractor through a mediator in addition to the presence of intermediaries and are both called and called, two of the people of the governorate of Erbil and the promise interface for personal front companies and contractors and the Ministry of Defense and other ministries that have dealings with the defense

She Nassif that these corruption crimes no less serious than it does Daesh gangs terrorist but contribute and actively supporting terrorism which tries with all his strength to weaken Iraq and the destruction of his military and infrastructure and stolen money and the capabilities of its people asking the competent authorities to intervene immediately and urgently to save Ministry of Defense and rid it of such a corrupt

She explained that it will display this file on the Iraqi Council of Representatives it will also provide what has evidence and information to the competent authorities