Economic adviser Ebadi calls for the province to release its oil revenues to calculated budget
confirmed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said the oil relationship between Baghdad and Arbil need understandings to reach solutions that Iraqi source of oil revenues be included by the government of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget while noting securing the central government salaries State employees and retirees benefits of social welfare salaries
Saleh said in a press statement that "the Kurdistan region to provide a statement of account from one of global marketing companies includes oil production in the fields and the volume of export and financial revenues in preparation to be added to the oil revenues from central and southern Iraq fields to be on the basis of which the calculation amounts of the federal budget of the Iraqi state rather than adopting those the budget only on the central and southern provinces of oil And on the financial situation of the state, he said that state employees, retirees and benefits covered by the salaries of salaries of social protection network is one of the priorities of the Iraqi state and locked well and the difficult conditions experienced by Iraq , currently economic and security terms , will not be more difficult than those faced by Iraq in the past two years during which he was able to secure salaries