Iraqi troops retake another district, kill Islamic State militants in western Mosul

Mosul ( The Nineveh Operations Command has declared liberating another major district within operations launched by Iraqi troops to free the western side of Mosul.
A statement by the War Media Cell quoted commander of the Nineveh Operations, Abdul-Amir Yarallah as saying that troops “fully freed Hawi al-Kanisah region and gained control on the western and southern banks Tigris River in western Mosul.”


Hawi al-Kanisa, western Mosul (google maps).
In related news, a source from the Iraqi army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service announced encountering suicide attacks by IS militants in western Mosul.
“The Rapid Response troops faced a suicide attack in the industrial zone in west of Mosul, which left seven IS militants killed,” Lt.Gen. Ali Mohsen, of the CTS, told BasNews on Saturday.
“Two other suicide bombers were killed at the entrance of Islah al-Zeraee district,” he added. “Another bomber and four members were also killed in the liberated district of Mesherfa.”
Earlier on Saturday, the paramilitary troops of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) freed five villages in Qairawan region, in west of Mosul near Nineveh’s borders with Syria, and blocked the road linking between the region and Sinjar district.
On Friday, Iraqi troops took over Islah al-Zeraee district.
The eastern side of Mosul was recaptured in January after three months of battles. Iraqi generals expect the western side of the city to be retaken this month after another offensive was launched in February.