Independence Krdstan..daih electoral Barzani and moves to isolate 10.05.2017 at 12:56 (Baghdad time)
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The issue of a referendum on the secession of Kurdistan region of Iraq over the past month one of the most controversial issues in the region, Iraq and the Kurdistan region the case was accompanied by different reactions through the Kirkuk Provincial Council fly the flag of the province
While the Kurdistan region of Iraq suspended since the duration of its activities and the farthest ministers of the team of the MDC from the provincial government, there are differences between the Kurdish political parties about keeping Barzani and the reform of the presidency of the provincial elections law and on the other hand the issue of lack of transparency in revenues resulting from the direct sale of oil always one other difference between these parties factors
Under such conditions the Kurdistan region of Iraq is facing an economic crisis several years ago and the experience of the local government, which was unsuccessful by Iraqi recognition in the provision of economic infrastructure and here should be the question, Do you fit the case put forward a referendum with the economic and political realities of the society Kurdistan region of Iraq or not?*
On this matter, said political analyst Kurdish Adnan Othman, said that "it is clear that we are currently faced with in the Kurdistan region of major problems one of these problems, suspension of Parliament's activities as a legal institution has gained legitimacy from the voices of the people that the provincial government is facing in this style stagnation of its activities economic crisis also cast shadow on the region, and relations of Arbil and Baghdad in the worst of its and the same style do not see appropriate between the political parties in the region's relations in order to put forward and discuss important issues, it is necessary to provide all parties and political currents on the steps towards improving the living situation of the people and about any T Geyer last need a region today under the umbrella of the legal activities of the parliament, in the fact that the priority is the need to put forward the study and implementation issues for ways of legitimate institutions and not to take a decision by party or political figure and a number of members of other parties, the most important issue at the present time It is that the parliament is active in the region and take decisions under the dome of the parliament on all issues
Othman added that the style of the Iraqi government's handling of the province and the style of the majority of Iraqi officials are policy has led to the emergence of the problems we've seen in the current circumstances were influential on the relations between the two sides but at the same time, the provincial government was falling short as well and on the other hand, representatives of the Kurds could not in Baghdad's move towards the settlement of bilateral disputes to be true representatives of the interests of the region on the Iraqi national level
He continued, It explains the launch of the referendum, which tracks the time being by the Kurdistan Democratic Party and in cooperation with a number of senior National Union, the pro-party Barzani members explains in the framework of partisan propaganda, because the issue of the referendum need a national file and the participation of all important political currents and Manchdh now aims to mislead the public about the presidency is illegal to Massoud Barzani of the Kurdistan region's political, economic, internal and multiple crises and associated relations of Arbil and Baghdad that we face years ago. "
He noted that Barzani's party is trying through change and overlap in Alaloyat the interests of this party and keep the political power of this family is at the political level of the region because as I pointed out our main priority at the present time activity of Parliament again and the settlement of the political and economic problems
For his part, he said a member of the MDC and the representative of the party in the regional parliament, Omar Inayat, said recent moves Barzani to hold a referendum on the issue of the referendum and special circumstances related to them unfortunately, does not care right now in the Kurdistan region*
He said Inayat that "the Kurdistan region faces a range of political and economic problems pointing out that any talk of a referendum would not reach a conclusion without paying attention to these problems
And between, that as long as the problems related to the post of president of the region relationship will not enjoy the region legitimacy of the government and will not transparency oil returns achieved for the people and will not ground the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution and the settlement of problems related to the disputed areas through dialogue with Baghdad are available and will not yield the outcome of an appropriate put other issues."
He pointed to the current political differences over the post of president of the region, saying that "political currents want to amend the presidency of the provincial elections law and according to this law will be elected president of the region through the voices of deputies
Where Kurdish sources revealed that "changing the presidency of the provincial elections law will be changed Barzani .anthy