Religious authority warns of Iraq under the oil agreement is about to conclude with Washington 10.05.2017 at 10:09 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Warned the religious authority, Qasim al-Tai Wednesday, of the Convention is about to be entered into by the government with America "reconstruction in exchange for oil
He said al-Tai's office in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that leaks of some US reports, the names of the biographies of the joint team work (US-Iraqi) mission overseeing the reconstruction of the liberated areas by agreement (reconstruction versus oil), which is about to conclude between the two governments He added: At a time Nstsrkh the national conscience honorable to preserve the wealth of Iraq only but we affirm that it is not the right of any government (take on power four years or more) that the proven Iraqi oil which is the property of the Iraqi people and the generations the US will for a period not God knows the extent only because the decision of the fate of this wealth is not owned by the current generation nor his government no matter how long-running, but that the House does not have this right, even if elected by the people
He continued: More than it suspicious is the US move, which coincided with him, which says some of the leaks to the descent of US forces in Nasiriyah and Anbar in exchange for Scott applied to the Iraqi government which did not confirm or deny reports the Convention or declares that citizens if they or reason to exist US and extended his stay which seems to be eternally to protect US companies associated with this Convention, which are protected by the security companies run by the Jewish Mossad which is tampering with the destiny of the country, and the US embassy under his service
He noted that the information available to us that Iraq has much more oil fields untapped actually a few hundred of the fields have not yet exploited anthy