Abadi: Distribution of dues peasants next week
Economy News Baghdad : Last updated 05/10/2017
- 11:39
The President of the Council of Ministers, Haider al - Abadi, Tuesday, that the government will start from the week next distribution of dues financial accumulated to farmers for crops Soukoha in favor of the Ministry of Commerce
Ebadi said in a conference news followed the " Economy News " , that " the government will begin the distribution of benefits of peasants in the week next
The government had announced on Sunday last it has allocated 2.5 trillion dinars to fulfill entitlements of peasants
Said Saad al - Hadithi spokesman on behalf of the office 's media for Ebadi in a statement, the Council of Ministers , " the face of sprayed amount of $ five hundred billion dinars a month starting from the month of April until the month of August for the year 2017 to pay dues marketers on to allocate the proportion of 10% of these amounts to the Ministry of Agriculture of the order to pay Due peasants seeds of wheat and barley . "
The accumulated benefits of peasants from the crops of wheat and barley , which Soukoha in favor of the Ministry of Commerce since the year 2014 as a result of the crisis financial that suffers , including the country