The "Key Card" to haunt retirees and make them hold money instead of lemon peel
Tuesday, 9 May 2017
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
he retired on Tuesday, expressed their resentment of the smart card service "to Card", demanding the government cancel it considering that it turned out to be " a curse rather than a blessing while hired many retired elderly scales lemon and pomegranate to overcome the "plight" They do not receive their mark.

Said retired Ahmed Jassim in an interview with Alsumaria's News, he said that "card problem (ironing card) is repeated each time while receiving a pension from the bank noting that the fingerprint does not show the device and thus ask us to review the public pension for the purpose of addressing the matter
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He continued, that a review of the Department of pension is suffering itself and urged the government to "put an end to this problem and cancel the smart card and return to the identity that we receive previously

For his part , says retired Majid owner often our salaries , pensions are delayed because of the failures that are written in the card of the paper (Key Card) noting that the bank told me to retire a review of the public to find out the reason for this imbalance adding that smart card It came a curse on the citizen and not a blessing to facilitate receipt of salary

The owner, the smart card in Iraq is not advanced as in the rest of the world because of the company that runs this card errors explaining that "most seniors are Astaaninon scales lemon fruit and pomegranate to help show their mark in the automated device with this card."

His he pointed out that does not appear footprint leads to the problem of retirees and routine administrative and reviews stretch for months

The Key Card" card approved in Iraq to deliver the salaries of retirees and a wide cross - section of staff, met with many of the criticisms while hovered many suspicions of corruption about the company which holds the card that holds no competitor at all pay salaries and bonuses* for most of the ministries outlets issue.