A British company for energy projects seeking to work in Basra and Erbil

2017/05/10 (00:01 pm)

Baghdad/zahraa Al Jassim

Despite the signing of several agreements and contracts with major international companies to invest to complete projects for the rehabilitation and development of the infrastructure of the oil sector in Iraq, but this sector as specialists still need billions of investment, being an economic mainstay for the country's President, which requires concentration and attention by concerned him.

Ener company Mick Ener British Mech electromechanical engineering and oil and gas projects, said in a statement on Tuesday that it was seeking a joint venture agreement with a local company in Iraq 20 million dollars of investment in infrastructure projects for oil and gas in both Basra and Erbil, the statement also said: that the negotiation is going on right now about presentations, expecting that the joint venture provides a large number of jobs, the fact that Iraq is an important market for global engineering services in energy and infrastructure.

Oil experts believed that with the oil Ministry sought to increase oil production over the next five years, the oil sector still suffers from many problems including legal and legislative technician as infrastructure.

Oil expert dorgham Mohamed on that many international oil companies seeking a foothold in Iraq's oil sector, through contracts and tenders as a secondary contractor with the company currently operating in Iraq, alluding to frequent presence either through representatives or through direct presence.

In an interview on draws "(range), to having contractors with oil companies got licenses contracts in Iraq with local oil companies of oil company Basra, Maysan and Nasiriyah and NOC, explaining: that these companies are empowered to contract with companies directly to infrastructure projects construction of pipelines and reservoirs, and other important projects in the oil sector, and that hurt the interests of Iraq, which is an oil sector economic mainstay President.

And confirms the presence of oil investments and other investments in new list several joints in the oil sector, adding: but Iraq needs billions of investment for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the oil sector. Noting that the Ministry of oil of the ministries that support corporate rehabilitation, meaning it does not allow all companies to participate in its bids, it must be globally qualified company capital and very high level and experience to allow them to participate in construction projects and the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the oil sector, in addition to having a secondary contractors at a high level of eligibility allowed in conjunction with those companies in the rebuilding of this sector, continuing : On the other hand, there are also other small companies struggling to find local companies to get jobs as a simple capital Ener Mick engineering contracting and British oil and gas projects, but not assuring access to opportunities in the oil sector.

And under the terms of contracts for licenses and contracts for services with low wages and not production sharing contracts allowing continued national oil industry accessories, first update dilapidated Iraqi oil industry through modern technology and expertise that foreign oil companies moving into Iraq, with its contribution to building infrastructure and providing services, and providing tens of thousands of jobs for Iraqis and is reflected positively on reducing unemployment in Iraq, and stimulate other economic sectors to grow and evolve in response to the tremendous evolution Highlights of the Iraqi oil industry., as these contracts will contribute to improving the investment climate in Iraq which will stimulate more foreign companies to invest in other economic sectors in Iraq.