Electricity applied to privatize electricity in Sadr City.


The electricity Ministry announced Wednesday, signing a contract with a local company to privatize electricity in Sadr City, East of Baghdad.

The electricity Ministry said in a press release "the economy has received a copy of the news," after the success of private sector participation in service and maintenance contracts and distribution sector revenue Karkh Resafe regions, DG first alsadralakd with electricity distribution company award winning treasures service contract, maintenance and collection of shops (512,514,516,518) in a beautiful area of Baghdad. "

She added that "it is planned that the contract enters into force and provide services to their subscribers (6275) subscribed for a period not exceeding three months."

Electricity distribution Director stressed the chest in Mohamed miyahi stepped out, according to the statement, "the importance of the investment and benefit of decreasing electrical energy system through clarifying the mechanism of investment and contract terms and appropriate prices for citizen".

He stressed "the importance of teamwork to overcome challenges facing the electricity sector during the current phase, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances experienced by Iraq."