Baghdad vows to overcome obstacles that prevent companies from investing in d.c.


Economy news Baghdad:

Governor of Baghdad, Atwan settle their suspended problems, Tuesday, that local government is ready to remove the obstacles that prevent entry of Kuwaiti companies to invest in the capital Baghdad.

He said in a press release on the sidelines to settle their suspended problems received by Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Salem ghesab the times, received " Economy news " A copy of it, " Iraq kissed on stage work and rebuilding and investment after victory over Al ISIS, is in desperate need of Kuwaiti corporations in future reconstruction campaign ".

He settle their suspended problems " His eagerness to increase the size of the economic and investment cooperation between the two countries and remove obstacles to entering Kuwaiti investments to Baghdad. ".

In turn the times explained, " Deals and ideas presented by the Mayor to Kuwait State worthy of consideration " , Indicating that they " Also discussed ways to develop and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries ".