Stock: we have 45 brokerage firm and we aspire to give Iraqi governorates license

Light news/Baghdad

Declaring Iraq market for securities, he housed in the meantime 45 brokerage firm, indicating that aspires to grant a license to open firms in Iraqi provinces.

Market Executive Director said Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam in discussions during the Conference apps and securities trading technology solutions, held for the second day in Beirut, according to a statement received "light news" copy that "there are 45 brokerage firm in the market but we aspire to open's licence to brokerage firms in the Iraqi provinces."

Abdel Salam, said "the market stop for a while to leave brokerage firms in Baghdad and is preparing to begin the second phase of the Iraqi provinces," Noting that "along with brokerage companies there currently 99 listed company in the market and there is a high level of coordination between the Central Bank and the Securities Commission to complete the requirements of the market for a number of companies in the banking sector in the market."

He continued, "there are 17 companies to go on the market and securities agreed to 6 firms for inclusion in the market and this is a positive indication of the functioning of the market who aspires to be an essential source of support for the Iraqi economy to the various sectors involved and effectively drive the market trades.