Mesopotamia: granting financial facilities for up to 40 million citizens


Rafidain Bank, announced on Tuesday, financial facilities grant to citizens in the southern provinces of SME owners up to 40 million dinars.

The Bank's information Office said in a statement "the economy news received a copy of it, that" the Bank has decided to give citizens financial facilities in the southern provinces of SME owners for $20 million, in addition to granting 40 million dinars and ensure a first class real estate mortgage and is divided by the General management and efficient delegates convinced the customer ".

"The powers of the provincial delegates gave Bank loans to doctors for up to 60 million dinars and increased her follow by the public administration of the Bank loan ceiling access granted which is estimated at 75 million dinars."

The Rafidain started by 2016 by granting loans and advances to employees, citizens and medical professionals in amounts ranging from 10 million to 75 million dinars.