Rafidain lowers his predecessor staff and announce new conditions
[Oan- Baghdad]
Rafidain Bank announced the development of new conditions and controls for the granting of advances to the ministries and government departments through its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to be five million dinars instead of ten advance salaries
The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that " the bank announced modifying the conditions for granting advances to five million for the staff of government departments and be a presentation electronically and through his website calling on employees to "see the terms and instructions for granting such the advance. "
And controls the granting of advances are, according to the statement: requires a student who advance to get them to be has no less than one year service [was installed appointed] and the amount of the advance of five million dinars, and a five -year, paid in equal installments every month
Shall be the interest rate advances" 9% per annum it is calculated on a straight declining and pay fixed installments with installments of the advance after a month from the date of grant, and meet the administrative commission of 2%, of the amount of the advance granted, and required not to exceed the monthly deductions for advance with other overdue obligations borrower 50% of the total salary
The statement " the borrower provides the sponsor guarantor of [civil servants from government departments staff N including civilians from the defense and interior ministries] of those who less service for at least one year and guarantees opposing accept that does not exceed the total deductions for 50% of the salary of the total sponsor, and are insured amounts advances through the financial section borne by the beneficiary. "
He noted "in the case of a previous advance is a Agaydah settlement or cash before the advance exchange and paid the remaining amount."
the required documents for applicants to advance they are: providing identities tariff [identity civil Status - Iraqi citizenship certificate - housing card - or national card .
And the mechanism of action according to the statement that be reviewed grants to the Ministry which will be reluctant to pay the premiums owed to its employees , and the ministries or departments concerned covered by imprest provide a disk [CD] includes fully its employees ' salaries system [and this so - called site by the head of the department settling salary] facility official letter in support of it 's health data in the disc [CD] and entitled to information and communication technology department. "
He continued as The Information Technology Department of the intersection of data with electronic forms that are filled by students advance and through the website of the Bank of the same circle in the form of meals and sent to the branch on which will grant which was determined by the Chief Financial Officer or authorized by the ministry or department
He added that " the Department of Information Technology and Communications is approached Rasheed Bank / Department of Electronic Calculator for the purpose of exchanging names endowed previously for the purpose of the intersection and to ensure non - repetition, as the backing centers in Sada district delegates offices to send specialist staff for the purpose of training on the localization of salary process and then they send data disk [CD] to the IT department He explained that "When the branch to receive electronic reports by the IT department is provided with the financial manager or authorized instructions attached to the forms Collapse Rafidain Bank pointed to seal the forms referred to in the paragraph above the seal of authenticity of the information contained in the required documents by the administrative department official in the directorate concerned and send all the information , however , authorized the directorate concerned to be largely account manager or financial after authorized to do so by an official letter is also branches provide the names of the authorized signatories to the transactions and models of their signatures and Akhtamanm. "
He stressed that " the department is responsible for grants for any student advance repeat and undertakes the ministry or borrower circle completing monthly salary premiums and transferred to the bank in accordance with the attached application form folding our instructions 10 days prior to the date of exchange salary in the case of delay interest Tojerih is calculated by 2%, the number of days the delay from the due date until the date of payment in addition to the legal interest [contractual] and sign the form by the administrative department in the ministry or department concerned.

10. The Ministry bears the responsibility of the Department or the borrower 's health archives attached with the request of the advance and support us so forms.
11-informed borrowers not to review the branches allocated for the purpose of the advance exchange only after the contact Bmmthelhm ministry or department concerned [chief financial officer], or by telephone and that regulatory purposes.
12. regulated by a special contract between the bank on credit and the employee and stamp duty are met by [2 per thousand.
13. Branches shall save the pledges and contracts after the issuance of the decision and grants , as applicable in the instructions of previous grants.
14. Grants are allocated according to the credit of the branch and shall not be exceeded in any case.
15. The deportation of the granting of advances on loans and advances system , which was inaugurated in all, our branches are working and matched with the general ledger and send daily storage at the end of each week to the Information and Communication Technology Department.
16. Provide Advances Division monthly repayments of advances on the statistic for the purpose of supervision and follow - up and make sure not allocated to the credit ceiling is exceeded.
17. requires the receipt of payments from the department concerned under the approved instrument and within ten days from the date of receipt of salary , however , and undertakes the relevant department based on this model pledge annexed instructions attached to the instrument with a detailed table containing the names of borrowers with the amount of payment for each Mstlv.
18. The balance of the advance becomes the duty of the full payment when the employee 's resignation or interruption of borrower or his retirement or granted leave without pay or for any reason whatsoever [death, season, leaving the work ..... etc] and Aymanh clearance before paid for the entire balance of the advance or if the sponsor has pledged to accept the installments remaining amount of his monthly salary.
19. In the case of the transfer of the employee to inform you of his constituency to the borrower on the other hand Asthsal vowed student from the Credit Department transferred to it.
20. In the case of payment before the maturity date of the interest on the amount until the date of payment is calculated after the addition of one month for the differences in the calculation of fixed interest. https://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=61613