The security update in Mosul on Dexter

2017/05/08 10:48

Security forces continued on Monday military operations to recover the remains of the Western neighborhoods of the conductor from the control of the Organization of ISIS, so raided counterterrorism industry area in Wadi akab on the left side of the city.

A security source, reported that counterterrorism forces stormed Tuesday morning akab Valley industry in Mosul, targeted the International Alliance airlines 6 wheels amalgam in areas still controlled by militants of ISIS by Ayman city.

Meanwhile, local residents, source as saying that ISIS resorted to using motorcycles instead of wheels which are targeting of military aviation.

The security source also said that the international coalition aircraft targeted a House military doctor Mohamed labidi in mshirfah area in Northwest Mosul, first with an elderly man and his wife msarahmka and two other members of his family were injured, when a mortar hit their house in the region of 30 July Northwest of Mosul.

Meanwhile the 9th Armored Division and managed civil defense evacuation of 20-year-old girl spent two days in a row under the ruins of her home, which was targeted by aerial bombardment in the second mshirfah region Northwest of Mosul, they said.

Joint security forces so far have managed to restore about 70% of the left coast areas of Mosul, after restoring the left side completely on 24 January.