Private banks Association invites Iraqi banks to introduce modern technology at work


Private banks association called Monday, Iraqi banks need to take quick actions to introduce modern technology in their work, certain that our goal achieving financial inclusion after settling State employees ' salaries, demonstrating their willingness to train Bank staff on the latest banking technologies.

Private banks Association said in a press release received a copy of "news", "banking technologies conference held in Baghdad on Saturday and Sunday with the participation of 30 companies from seven Arab and foreign countries stressed the Iraqi banks need to take quick actions to increase electronic banking, moving from traditional scope to access customers with sophisticated and innovative means of new electronic payment methods under the supervision of the Central Bank," stressing "the need for cooperation and integration between banks and ICT companies for the purpose of services Better, faster and secure electronic exchange trading. "

"The Central Bank strategy (2016-2020) mandatory for all banks to be applied especially in the field of modern banking technologies, information technology and secure its infrastructure," adding that "the Iraqi ministries staff salaries localization project became mandatory for all banks and our goal achieving financial inclusion"."

The work according to the principle of banking techniques is essential in banking business seminar to stimulate economic cycle and economic and banking reform," demonstrating its readiness to train Iraqi bank staff on the latest banking technologies.