Iraqi Forces Liberate Wadi Aqab Area in West Mosul

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi forces managed to fully liberate the Wadi Aqab industrial area in West Mosul, a commander in Iraqi army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS).
"Rapid response forces and counter-terrorism forces managed to liberate the entire region of Wadi Aqab, as well as a significant progress was made in the area of 30 Tammuz west of Mosul," said Kazem Hassan, an officer from the CTS, BAS News reported.

He added that "The fighting resulted in the deaths of 30 ISIL militants as well as wounding dozens of others."

Earlier on Monday, a spokesperson for the Iraq’s Interior Ministry noted that approximately 3320 ISIL militants have been killed since the operation moved on to the western half of the city in February.

Eastern half of Mosul was declared liberated in January, following the operation’s commencement on October 17, 2016.