Vice: the sale of oil in oil price Dubai

Mon, 08 May 2017 10:15:28

The National Alliance mp expressed, Ibtisam Al-hilali, Monday, on optimism rising prices for Iraqi oil gradually, indicating that Dubai oil price lifted energy and increased sales.

Hilali said that "oil auction in Dubai oil prices lift energy", noting that it attracted the attention of traders and oil companies and refineries.

"The goal of selling oil in Dubai is to provide equal access to customers for access to immediate shipments."

Dubai was energy, announced in early May that Iraq's State oil marketing company SOMO sold two million barrels of Basra light crude, delivered June 2017 cross platform stock auctions.

Dubai is energy since it opened in 2007 a specialized stock exchanges worldwide, and became President and is a forward contract for ore Oman third standard price for crude oil in the world, and the only criterion for the exported crude oil from Oman and Dubai.