Iraqi forces regain control of a new neighborhood in Mosul

Twilight News
16 minutes ago

(Reuters) -

Iraqi forces liberated a new neighborhood on Monday from the grip of a hawkish organization on the right-hand coast of Mosul, an operations commander said.

"The federal police units of the rapid reaction forces, the 34th Armored Brigade and the Ninth Armored Division liberated the first Haramat neighborhood in the right-hand coast of Mosul City and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings," Rashid Rashid said in a statement.

The move comes within the framework of a new front opened by Iraqi forces north of the right coast since Thursday, when Iraqi forces opened a new front in an effort to clamp down on a preacher in the old area.

Iraqi forces have so far recovered the first, second and third districts of the Church, Deir Mikhael, Hassouna and Tigris villages and the Nineveh gas plant.