View port. Jordan is preparing for the opening and an American company to secure international road

2017-05-08 at 10:54

Baghdad scales news

Jordanian newspaper tomorrow, Monday, that the Kingdom of Jordan is ready to reopen the crossing post, asserting that the Iraqi authorities are still looking for ways to secure international road leading to the crossing over the Iraqi side.

It quoted a Jordanian official, that "so far no Iraqi official about the mechanism to be followed to provide protection for post and crossing the road.

The Iraqi Ambassador was in Oman Safia Suhail, confirmed last week that the Iraqi Cabinet security transmitted international highway that connects the capital to the border post crossing with Jordan to the security company by a decision issued last weekend.

Suhail said, in previous statements, was hauling tender procedures completed this route on one of the security companies and the contract has been made to open the port in two to four months.

View port is the only crossing that connects the movement flow of goods trade between the two countries, while other outlets but not dedicated to those business processes.

Informed sources revealed to "balance news, an American company would secure international road link between Iraq and Jordan