Parliamentary economic "direction": all loans went to foreign investment projects

07/05/2017 10:34


She said the parliamentary economy and Investment Committee member Najib, a brilliant Sunday, all loan amounts went to foreign investment projects in the country.

We answer in an interview for "direction," explained that loans 2017 covered the shortfall in the State budget has gone to investment projects, explaining that those loans were from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group, America and Germany, Japan, Britain and the Islamic Bank and others.

She added: that projects concerned with electricity, health and reconstruction of liberated areas and those amounts will be paid with few benefits, saying that the money will be spent in order to identify disbursement by donors and hard to get in corruption cases.

It is said that the National Alliance lawmaker Rasheed Al-yasiri asserted that "linking Iraq with far reaching impact on the economic reality in General.

Yassiri said in a statement "trend" I got a copy of it, that "the case for linking Iraq to term loans adversely affect the economic reality" and urged "the Government to develop future plans to avoid Iraq large loans adversely affect Iraqi Government."