Infallible guides run idle factories and national product protection

2017/5/7 15:12

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

The President Fouad Massoum all ministries concerned with labour focus for the Government factories idled high productivity cards work, stressing the necessary attention to engineering personnel in all areas of productivity and increase their allocations and issue laws to protect engineers.

A presidential statement quoted received {Euphrates news} copy of it today while receiving the infallible confirmation before noon Sunday at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, Iraqi engineers Association delegation, "paramount to protect Iraqi industrial and agricultural product and reduce the indiscriminate importation to allow self-sufficiency and export orientation," and called for "effective plans and issuing of legal frameworks to support private sector development, adding" high importance to the role of engineers in building and reconstruction process in the country. "

The President pointed to the need to raise the scientific level of Iraqi universities and impose strict control on the level of private universities ", stressing the" need to make every effort to enhance the prestige and reputation of Iraqi universities in national and international scale.

Infallible renewed call for "better care for Iraqi engineers in all fields, expressing support for their demands and proposals aimed at activating their role in developing the national economy and support with regard to improving the conditions of their lives and encourage them to carry out their duties to the fullest."

In turn, the visiting delegation members reviewed the statement "the functioning of the Union and the difficulties faced by Iraqi engineers, underlining the importance of supporting President infallible in addressing their problems and meet their requirements in keeping with the leading role in reconstruction and development in the country".