Alhbabi for "the Central News Agency Iraq": Tal Afar has not only liberated political agreements and approval of the Turkish American
Central Agency Iraq news / special
The MP for a coalition of state law Nahla Hbabi today that Tal Afar did not spend liberated from Daesh only political agreements and the approval of the United States and Turkey

Alhbabi In an interview for "CIA Iraq news," she added that obstructionists key to the process of liberation of Tal Afar are Iraqis and the Americans and Turkish politicians indicating that "the prime minister does not want to start editing Tal Afar because of the threat of Turkish President in the event of entry of the popular crowd with the liberated forces

She explained that Haider al-Abadi did not want to open the first two fronts in the right coast connector with Daesh and second in Tal Afar, with Turkish troops noting that the threat of Erdogan, the best proof of this conspiracy under the pretext of defending the Turkmen*

She stressed that "the Turkmen Shiites displaced from Tal Afar 3 years and Sunni families left before the judiciary after them indicating that the rest of the families belonging to the families of Daesh as well as Chechnya and Afghans

It mentioned that the losses suffered by Daesh gangs in Tal Afar by factions of the popular crowd contributed to the escalation of the Turkish side of the attitudes toward Iraq