The Committee of Experts: resist the interventions of the political blocs to choose a new election Commission

Political Since 06.05.2017
at 11:25 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
A member of the Committee of Experts in charge of choosing a new election Commission MP Kamel al-Zaidi, on Thursday, we will not allow political blocs to intervene and impose its will at all.
Zaidi said in a statement / balance News /, that "the Committee of Experts has completed the first phase of its work as part of choosing a new election Commission in accordance with the Constitution and the law."
He added, "The committee received thousands of positions to fill in the new Commission submitted forms," ​​noting that "the Commission will complete the second phase of its work next June."
He continued, "The committee so far away from the control and influence of the political blocs and its interference and resist attempts to subordinate viscous UNHCR figures."
He stressed that "the Committee of Experts in the past by choosing its new election Commission until the completion of their duty," noting that "the Committee is still immune to the political blocs and resist its interventions."
It is said that al-Zaidi said recently that the issue of the sacking of the election commission after questioning and lack of conviction entered in the 's answer "political kitchen" likely that there will be to keep its work until September 29 Almqubl.anthy / d 24