German officials are preparing Muthanna Governor investment and attention effects O'Rourke

2017-05-06 at 13:06

Baghdad scales news

Search Al Muthanna Governor Faleh frozen yogurt with experts and the German Institute of Archeology Department of local administration plan German Foreign Ministry after the accession to the World Heritage list Uruk effects, and ways to create service projects and in the ancient city in accordance with scientific plans to attract tourists and develop economically conservative.

The Governor said in a statement/balance of news copy, "we checked with the German Foreign Ministry officials and the German Institute of archaeology ways to support conservation efforts for the advancement of archaeological reality", pointing to "discuss the requirements for the implementation of the management plan by local and central Governments which ensures the survival effects of Uruk under World Heritage list".

And, that "these requirements include building a Museum and visitors center and d inner-city roads and put the plates to denote and create models of archaeological sites.""Frozen yogurt", the other side ensure implementation of plans for maintenance and preservation effects of climate effects by specialists ", adding that" German officials promised to study local government requests and consider their adoption and implementation during the coming period.

He filed a formal invitation for German companies to work within the County, and invest in it. "