Transport planning to establish a water airport in Sulaimaniya

2017-05-05 at 11:31

Baghdad the balance of news

Transport Minister Kazim Cup Erythema, Friday, the intention of the Ministry is studying the establishment of a water airport in Lake Dokan in Sulaimaniya.

He said in a statement received Erythema/balance of news/copy, that

"The cultural capital of Kurdistan accomplished this forum and exhibition of local civil airports in Sulaymaniyah heartening way", pointing out that "featuring Arabic and foreign and local companies from various continents," adding that "through this exhibition we positive results contributed to the development of local airports and local airlines, whether private or public sector.

Erythema noted in every province of Iraq in addition to existing airports airport, adding that the Ministry is working on rehabilitation of Mosul airport after cleared of criminal gangs, as well as proposals for an airport in Kirkuk and another airport in Lake Dokan in Sulaymaniyah."