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Iraq and Kuwait discuss the file of compensation and discuss investment cooperation
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The Minister of Finance and the Agency Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa with the Kuwaiti ambassador in Baghdad Salim Ghasab al-Zamanan ways to develop bilateral cooperation between the two countries and the file of Iraqi compensation to Kuwait.

Al-Issa said during a meeting in a statement to the ministry that "Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations will be a striking example in the field of investment and expressed optimism about the area of ​​understanding and rapprochement between the two brotherly countries."

For his part, the Kuwaiti ambassador conveyed the desire of the State of Kuwait and its companies to invest in development projects that serve Iraq, especially in the fields of energy, industry and other vital sectors, stressing the direction of the two countries to overcome the file of compensation according to mechanisms that do not harm the interests of both sides.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry confirmed on April 25 that its country is ready to study future options aimed at ensuring that the Iraqi party will continue to pay 4.6 billion US dollars in compensation for the losses of the invasion of the former regime of the state in 1990.