The Finance Committee: The Government's appeal against the budget has not convinced
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Thread: The Finance Committee: The Government's appeal against the budget has not convinced

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    The Finance Committee: The Government's appeal against the budget has not convinced

    The Finance Committee: The Government's appeal against the budget has not convinced the Federal Court

    2017/05/04 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 327 - Number (3914)

    Baghdad / Mohammed Sabah

    The Finance Committee confirmed yesterday that the Federal Court is unconvinced of the government's appeals against the 2017 budget.

    Members of the committee revealed the court's postponement of the planned pleading after it provided clarifications regarding the prime minister's accusations.
    She pointed to the Court's obligation to the Executive Authority to provide detailed explanations of their appeals, and obliged them to attend the Ministry of Finance at the next meeting.

    The federal court ordered the government of Abadi to provide regular explanations of the appeals, citing the amounts of the budget proposed by it and the increase that occurred there.

    The Federal Court will hear these appeals on May 8, after hearing in the first session, held on the eleventh of last April, the opinion of the government. The Parliament defended its amendments and additions to the General Budget Law.

    Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi appealed to the Federal Court in all transfers carried out by the House of Representatives on the budget of 2017, which is estimated at 280 billion dinars, including 54 billion has been transferred to balance the House of Representatives.

    The MP Mohammed Halboussi, Chairman of the parliamentary finance committee that "the Federal Court considered the appeals submitted by the government on some provisions of the budget law on April 11 last raised this meeting to the eighth of this month," noting that "the Federal Court requested the government to provide clarifications Detailed on budget appeals. "

    The government surprised the House of Representatives by appealing to 21 items of the budget of 2017, including the request to cancel 15 paragraphs, and re-wording of other paragraphs.

    For the first time, the parliament passed the budget unanimously by the end of last year, on time, before the end of the fiscal year. The speed of passing the budget was a climate of optimism in terms of the decline of political differences that are escalating on the formulation of the budget.

    The Chairman of the Finance Committee clarifies the clarifications requested by the Federal Court to submit during the second hearing that "the Court requested the establishment of three tables, the first includes the mention of contested materials, the second additions of Parliament, and the third constitutional articles violated by the House of Representatives by adding these articles.

    He added MP Halbusi that "among the things requested by the court from the government and obliged to submit in the next argument is to clarify the size of the budget proposed by the government, and changes and additions to the paragraphs of the budget by the House of Representatives specified specific deadlines, if any.

    The appeals threaten to empty the budget of its content, especially as it touches on important items contributed to the inclusion, within the budget to accelerate the process of recognition, as petrodollar allocations, demanded by the southern provinces, and review contracts oil licensing rounds.

    The government also challenged the allocation of border revenues to the border provinces and allocations of the Peshmerga, which were cut off from the army budget.
    The government also challenged the provision to stop the appointments in the three presidencies, and the proportion of staff deductions reduced by parliament to 3.8% instead of 4.8%.

    The head of the Finance Committee that "the government is obliged to submit 21 clarifications to the Federal Court after the parliamentary finance provided its payments for all appeals budget," expected to take the appeals budget appeals several sessions within the Federal Court.

    The MP Mahasen Hamdoun revealed, to (extent) earlier, that the parliamentary movements on the draft budget of 2017, amounted to 280 billion dinars, including 50 billion allocated to pay the salaries of parliament employees and contract workers who have not received their salaries for months.

    Abadi has made bitter accusations to Parliament criticizing the Finance Committee's transfer of 50 billion dinars from the doors of the budget in what he described as hidden to secure the salaries and allowances of members of parliament.

    After the accusations, deputies began a campaign to collect signatures to aim to question the prime minister on the backdrop of his recent accusations of parliament manipulation of the budget after missing a session devoted to discuss the subject.

    In the same context, MP Rahim Darraji, a member of the Finance Committee, that "the Federal Court postponed the first argument on the appeal of the federal budget law after it felt that the government's arguments need further clarification."

    Article 62 (II) gives the Council of Representatives the right to conduct transfers in the chapters and chapters of the general budget, and to reduce the totality of their amounts, and to propose to the Council of Ministers, if necessary, Expenditure.

    The Finance Committee responded to the Federal Court's inquiries about its additions to the Budget Law, estimated at 40 additions and amendments, of which 29 were contested by the Government.

    "The federal court has committed the government to attend the Ministry of Finance to answer some of the questions and additions and changes that entail financial consequences," said Darraji, in a statement to Al-Mada yesterday. "The government's appeals against the budget law for 2017 are incorrect and unrealistic."

    The member of the Finance Committee that "appeals do not stop the implementation of materials contested by the government," but reveals "the ministries to stop the work and implementation of these materials."


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