The first agricultural Conference and calls for solutions to improve agriculture.

04-05-2017 12:40 PM

Governor of Baghdad called on the Central Government to settle their suspended problems Atwan cooperation in finding quick solutions to improve agricultural reality in DC and exploiting as a second source for oil sources as well as speeding up the reimbursement of the peasants.

He said during the first agricultural Conference sponsored by Baghdad ' to agricultural Conference in these difficult economic circumstances and challenges experienced by our country Iraq was for the purpose of payment towards the contribution of this sector to effectively increase GDP and propel the country forward, as well as discuss a number of issues that are in the interest of the Iraqi peasant particular claim reimbursement of peasants and discuss problems encountered in the work of developing the agricultural reality in the capital.

He added that the agricultural sector is one of the important sectors for the development of the Iraqi economy to what distinguishes among issues drawing us necessary support to promote it, indicating that the sector is characterized by being a promising sectors in Iraq sting arable land tracts that can be entered into production and utilized the least possible cost and contributes to food security and directly in a citizen's life, especially that of attractive sectors for manpower.