Iraq, Iran, Lieberman memorandum banking cooperation
Economy News - Baghdad:
Last updated 05/04/2017
- 13:12
It concluded by the Governments of Iraq and Tehran memorandum of banking cooperation, on Thursday, as part of financial intermediation between the Central Bank of Iraq and his Iranian counterpart relations
He said Iran's central bank in a statement seen by "Economy News" that, in order to expand the scope of cooperation and enforcement of the agreement concluded between the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and his Iranian counterpart last year cooperation met all of Idi Walid Abdel Nabi Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and Faisal Medal Advisor to Executive Director of Commercial Bank Iraq (TBI) with Hussein Jacobite international affairs director of the Central Bank of Iran in Tehran
He added that it was decided at the meeting, it makes the necessary formats aimed to hold a joint banking committee which includes government and private banks for the two countries, meeting in Tehran within the next two weeks
He said Iran's central to the negotiations, which lasted for two days between the Iranian and the Iraqi side concluded after the signing of a memorandum of banking cooperation and study the minutes of technical discussions
The bank confirmed that due after the FAO study records the signing of the relevant conventions in the framework of the Joint Committee to be held at the Tehran meeting
It is noteworthy that the signed memorandum items, exchange of opening accounts in the currency of the euro and to develop mechanisms for the use of local currencies in the settlement of trade payments and link automatic payment between the two sides system as well as support and facilitate the opening of branches of banks and commercial banks in Iran and Iraq and facilitate the payment and transfer amounts of passengers and visitors between the two countries and finally the process held Tdrebeah courses for the staff of the two central banks