Parliamentary Finance: The World Bank follows strict policies with Iraq
Economy News _ Baghdad:
Last updated 04/05/2017
- 12:51
Step by the World Bank Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Thursday that the reform of the financial system in Iraq is an important step in support of investment in the country

The committee member said Abdul Qader Mohammed was born in an interview seen by the "Economy News", The World Bank follows a strict policy, and because it lends Iraq sums payable and at the same time, Iraq calls for the administration correct financial institutions through in-depth financial management and financial performance government

He described the live step by the World Bank as positive by building a solid ground for the work of the ministries and the Iraqi institutions and financial discipline the fact that the project includes key topics such as the trend towards an integrated information system for financial and computerization of the management operations of public financial management of the preparation and implementation of the budget in the Ministry of Finance and other ministries and units of exchange all