Basra oil refinery Announces card 300 thousand barrels


The oil Ministry announced Thursday, about creating a filter with Basra sterilizer 300 thousand barrels, inviting international companies to invest in it.

He said the Ministry's spokesman Assem Jihad in the modern economy "news", I followed the Ministry announced the creation of a filter in the Faw area in Basra 300 000 barrels card ", stating that" the refinery comes under the Ministry's plan to expand the national production of petroleum. "

"Jihad," which also contains the refinery tanks and pumping stations would be in Faw soon to be export ports ", adding that" the Ministry is seeking to bring the oil derivatives to million barrels. "

Called Jihad, international companies to compete to establish the refinery giant ", stressing that" the establishment of the refinery would raise production from petroleum products and provide fiscal revenue.