Parliamentary economy calls for effective operation of free zones


A member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment Harith al-Harithi, Thursday, Iraq directed towards effective operation of free zones and possibly expanding its space, making it a vital financial sector, supplementing the general budget.

Harithi said in a recent press release followed news economy "that" Iraq can diversify its income non-oil fiscal by activating the free zones to achieve significant financial returns through investing the geographical location which is the shortest link between Western and Eastern world poles ".

"The economic policies generated in the country is almost inaccurate and activated, and therefore used the country's resources that come from the border ports and did not reach its revenues to the Central Government for example, resources that are supposed to come from Kurdistan Iraq."

Harthi to activate other sectors including industrial and agricultural sector and religious tourism as a resource equivalent to oil revenues and substitute in addition to make use of bilateral agreements with Iraq algwarao countries through transmission lines between it and the surrounding countries and the rest of the world. "