Hakim calls for Summit to Axis powers Iran and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt and Iraq

03-05-2017 06:13 PM

Ammar Hakim, head of the National Alliance, called the axis powers in the region (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt and Iraq) for a meeting at the Summit level, noting that in that time he became an urgent need for realignment and stop bleeding.

Hakim said during floor President of National Alliance political Ammar Hakim religious ceremony marking the Euphrates they briefed news our battle with terrorism must be resolved this time and conclusively and security leaders providing a clear plan in time for the Elimination of abuses in security in the capital and some provinces required to rotate security sites strategic necessity and cannot protect the homeland and the citizen with the same mentality that stayed drive long positions.

And performance auditing and assessing the leadership and ensuring their ability to meet security challenges in the next phase.

He noted that young people who fight in fronts, and young people who fill the halls of universities and political youth actor are a powerful tool for nation-building and reconstruction, prosperity and change his tracks better.

And that the fight with corruption say the sanctity of our battle with terrorism but that corruption is more dangerous than terrorism because the enemy is eating away at the body of the State and people's conscience and moral and legitimate and national duty to stop infringements on public money bye price.

He stressed that next year in Iraq will see a lot of events and variables we need bold and decisive and difficult decisions and we have to be as much as our responsibility to lead this country to safety.