Chest confirms the importance of the army and police security after defeating exclusively for ISIS

2017/5/3 12:17

[In Baghdad]

Sadrist leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, the Iraqi army, however, ownership and ethnic police exclusively after defeating terrorist ISIS gangs.

According to a statement by his Office said all Iraq [where] a copy, that the chest ", received in his house in Najaf Iraqi defense and Interior Ministers, Irfan alhayaly, Mr Qasim al-araji said Wednesday he welcomed them and gave some directions that are in the interest of security forces and increase their effectiveness and close loopholes that weaken their strength."

Sadr's statement stressed "the need to support the Iraqi army and the Iraqi police and other security forces and strengthened through proper training," stressing "the importance of supporting the intelligence effort and develop military and security structure in position to save the country's security from external and internal threats".

For their part the Ministers and appreciation across their chest and national positions continued support and obviously the Iraqi security forces to take their national role in protecting Iraq's territory and people, affirming that security forces support gives it a moral impetus.