Oil: crude pipeline project near conclusion (sight-Aqaba)


Economy news Baghdad:

The oil Ministry announced Wednesday, near signed a contract with firms for investing in crude oil pipeline project (his sight-Aqaba).

Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad in Hadith "economy" informed, "the oil Ministry in the final stages of negotiating with a coalition of advanced companies investing in crude oil transfer pipeline project (Basra-Najaf-hitch)," hoping "to witness the next few duration contract operations for the direct implementation", noting that "the pipe will extend to North Africa.

Crude oil transportation project extracted from southern Iraq Basra fields to the port of Aqaba in southern Jordan, will be extended to a distance of 1700 km across the first two phases, extending from Basra to a modern city in the West of the country, the second stretching to Aqaba port to export the oil to the rest of the world, transmits the first part of the pipe towards the 2.25 million barrels of oil a day, while the amount of oil that will arrive at the port of Aqaba through the pipe million barrels will convert 850 000 Barrels to Jordan petroleum refinery.