Economic Affairs Committee calls for the importance of promoting national industry


Economic Affairs Committee discussed on Wednesday, many of the decisions of the economic and financial affairs, the eleventh meeting.

According to a statement by the Ministry of planning economy news received a copy of it, to the Economic Affairs Committee meeting chaired by Prime Minister and membership Committee of Ministers (finance, oil, industry, agriculture) and the Central Bank Governor and President of the national organization for investment, economic adviser to the Prime Minister, to consider and discuss the many relevant economic and financial decisions.

The statement said ministries point unrelated to the Ministry and the provinces using plastic pipes produced by the General company for construction industries and prevent similar products, stressing that the Commission was in favour of full support for the efforts of the Ministry of industry and minerals in disclosing contracts where suspicions of corruption.

Noting that the Committee approved a number of procedures and mechanisms for supporting and promoting the product nationally and reverse those actions in the federal budget for 2018 because of their importance in promoting national industry.