The launch of 500 billion dinars from April until August of peasant dues
History of edits:: 2017/5/2

[Wayne - Baghdad]
Voice of the Council of Ministers during its regular day Tuesday, the release of 500 billion dinars from April until August of peasant dues.
A statement by the prime minister and I followed all of Iraq [where] that " the Council voted to pay dues peasants and farmers by emphasizing the Ministry of Finance to release an amount of 500 billion dinars a month from April until August."
"The Council of Ministers voted to protect the steel reinforcement product [10.32 mm] by adding a fee of custom 5 percent of the unit to measure iron reinforcement product for a period of 4 years and without reducing all of Iraq 's imports and all origins."
He noted that " the meeting discussed a draft election of the House bill was voted to amend the draft law in force to be sent to the House of Representatives , " referring to "vote on the capital increase of the Iraqi Trade Bank [TBI] of the amount of $ trillion to 2 trillion and 750 billion dinars."
He pointed to "vote on the inclusion of the measure of daily appointments within the angel movement in the service of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Municipalities and Public Works departments , " noting that " the Council voting on the draft ratification by mutual encouragement and protection of investments Convention on the Law between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran."
He said : " The meeting included the report of the Council of Ministers on water revenues and rising levels of Mosul Dam yesterday to 320.6 above sea level for the first time in 10 years after Chianah business carried out by the Italian company."