Jubouri: Daesh lives last days must be prepared for the aftermath
The head of the House of Representatives Salim al - Jubouri said Daesh terrorist gangs live her last days on the land of Iraq must be prepared for the post - Daesh.
A statement issued by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that House Speaker Salim al -Jubouri received, on Tuesday, the British ambassador to Iraq Frank Baker
He added , "During the meeting , they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and developments in the security and political situation in Iraq and the region, and the importance of continued joint cooperation between Iraq and the international community in the war against terrorism."
The head of parliament , according to the statement that "Daesh live his last days on the land of Iraq must be prepared for the post - Daesh, pointing to the importance of this stage include the return of displaced persons and the reconstruction of their areas and restore services to them and Thaoh appropriate conditions to live in order to promote lasting stability factors in these areas
He also stressed " the importance of continued international support for efforts to achieve a project of community reconciliation at the same time praising Britain 's role within the international coalition in support of Iraq during its war against terrorism , as well as large on both humanitarian relief efforts
For his part , the British ambassador. his country 's interest continued support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and in the relief of displaced , " stressing the importance of continuing to support the relations between the two countries and development which serves as the two friendly peoples https://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/n...?storyid=61398