Karbala, demanding their allocations regardless
Economy News _ Karbala:
Last updated 02/05/2017
- 13:30
It demanded the province of Karbala on Tuesday, maintaining exchange allocations to secure their services and fill the needs of the province

The governor of Karbala, Aqeel Turaihi in a statement received "Economy News", a copy of "and I wanted to maintain a very few and not enough to meet their needs for a period of one week, there was no exchange allocations for the province

He added Turaihi, that "the preservation of the holy sites, and attracts a lot of visitors, and reap large sums of money but at the same time these thresholds need huge amounts to secure their services

He pointed out that these thresholds collected in the past year, about 10 billion dinars and this amount is shameful and not worth mentioning because it does not cover the province expenses for one week especially during the arrival of pilgrims asserting that the province has nothing to do with amounts thresholds