Wasit Council: we suffer from crisis accommodation and slums are growing


In Services Committee Chairman said Wasit Governorate Council Mehdi Yunus Ayal, Tuesday, to keep big housing crisis offset an increase in population growth, as he pointed to a big problem facing the province and is spread in random areas parallel to the original areas.

Ayal said in a statement, "the economy has received a copy of" news, "Wasit governorate big housing crisis and the solution lies in the allocation of plots of land to poor and staff in order to limit this phenomenon under the significant increase of population growth and this seemed remarkable in town", adding that "there are social repercussions and a lot of trouble for this population momentum and low residential complexes."

He continued "there is widespread, Ayal great to slum areas around residential areas even started these outweigh the indigenous areas in terms of spatial and population size", explaining that "slum areas's population suffer from serious problems including large families jam in a small house.

He pointed out that "conservatism was unable to provide services to them because the law doesn't allow them to regard those illegal areas and beyond and this puts us in front of the huge social problems", stating that "housing complexes constructed by the Ministry of construction and housing in other districts, Aziziyah and Suwayrah is down because of the financial crisis the country was going through what made her fall and are getting worse."

The latest statistics of the Ministry of planning said that Wasit enumerating million, three hundred and nine thousand and seventeen administrative unit consists of six districts and eleven.