Iraqi commander is expected to fully restore Mosul in May ON 04/30/2017
A senior Iraqi commander is expected to expel the organization of the Islamic State of Mosul in May, despite the resistance militants in the densely populated old city.

He quoted the official Al-Sabah newspaper on Sunday for the first corner Othman Ghanimi Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army team as saying that the battle will end "within three weeks maximum

It provides an international coalition led by the United States in support of air and ground attack on major cities in northern Iraq, which fell into the hands of militants in June 2014 in Mosul

The organization has control over most of the city's neighborhoods since the offensive began in last October and now surrounded by troops in the neighborhoods located north-west of the city, including the historic old city center.

The United Nations believes that up to half a million people are still in the area controlled by the militants in Mosul including 400 thousand people in the old city with a lack of food and water resources and the lack of hospitals

The militants are holed up among civilians and usually carry heavy counter-attacks to prevent troops from approaching Nouri mosque in the old city, which declared him the organization's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a state succession in parts of Iraq and Syria. More Fairytales @ Link Below