Parliamentary investment government warns investors escape
Economy News _ Baghdad Last updated 05/01/2017
- 11:35
He warned a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Ali Subhi al-Maliki on Monday with serious repercussions will result from the negligence of the government sector investment and non-payment of dues honoring contractors and Iraqi investors

Maliki said in a press statement followed the "Economy News", The House of Representatives are actively seeking to put pressure on the cabinet to pay the dues of contractors

He added, "This has been indexed entitlements by seniority and the amount of money but he did not Atalaq any of them for contractors" .othdt the absence of efforts by the fact that the government to give these benefits*

He noted that not give importance to this segment has a negative impact on the country in general is not limited to the southern provinces leads to serious repercussions on the Iraqi economy.*Including "investors escape out of the country and depriving the country of a great investment potential

"The contractors are representatives of the private sector and that all countries of the world of the private sector depends mainly as a supporter of the state and the government to deal with investors to prevent the failure of the economic process in Iraq