The financial crisis stop the construction of 370 schools in Kurdistan 01/05/2017
The Minister of Education of the Kurdistan region Bhtawan Sadiq, Sunday, stop building for 370 schools in the region due to the financial crisis, calling on donors to contribute to the construction of schools.

Sadiq said during the opening ceremony of the two schools in Dahuk province that "the construction of 370 schools in the Kurdistan region of projects stalled over the past two years," attributing the cause to "the financial crisis afflicting the region."

Sadiq added that "100 thousand new students annually go to school, which is a major burden on the school buildings", calling on donors to "contribute to building schools and restoration."

The suffering of the Kurdistan region from a severe financial crisis as the Government of the Territory was unable to pay the arrears of salaries to its employees since last year, attributed the region financial crisis, officials to the decline in oil prices and the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil on oil files, and the budget and the war against the "Daesh" and sheltering more than a million and a half displaced people and refugees.