Ninewa operations: the announcement of the full liberation of Mosul in a few days

Bertha News Agency 33 2017-05-01

The Ninewa Operations Command confirmed that the liberation of Mosul's right-hand coast will be announced in a few days, pointing out that the joint forces launched a large operation on the gangs sites and called the terrorists in the western and central axes of the right-hand coast of Mosul.

"A few hours apart, the security forces are breaking into the remaining neighborhoods in the western axis and penetrating the center of Mosul to rescue the civilians held by a terrorist in the areas under their control," Ninawa operations commander Major General Najem al-Jubouri told a news briefing on Monday.

Jubouri said that "the rapid reaction forces that arrived in the village of Hleileh and stationed with the forces of the anti-terrorism in the western axis will launch operations during the hours of the liberation of the areas of Musheirefah and Riffi and Tmuz and carpenter and remaining neighborhoods in the western axis."

Jubouri said that "the federal forces entered all neighborhoods in the center of Mosul with air support," adding that "the command of operations in the province of Nineveh will announce the liberation of the entire right coast in a few days."

"The security forces will announce the liberation of the right side of the city of Mosul within a month," chief of staff Lieutenant General Sami al-Ardhi said. "The release of Ayman al-Mosul will take three weeks at the latest.