Safwan border crossing records a rise in revenues not seen since its inception

Monday 1 May 2017 01:02 PM
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BAGHDAD - The head of the Safwan border crossing, Jaafar al-Sudani, revealed on Monday the financial revenues for the month of April, while confirming that the revenues witnessed a new increase of two billion dollars, he pointed out that these revenues have not seen the port since its inception.

He said the Sudanese for "the eye of Iraq News" "The financial revenues of the port of Safwan border during the month of April last, amounted to 22 billion, a new qualitative increase added to the list of increases witnessed by the port after the change of management," stressing that "this increase was two billion dinars for a month Last March. "

He added that "the financial revenues for the month of April, has not witnessed the port of Safwan border since its inception," noting that "this increase in revenues came as a result of the number of employees of customs to integrity and address their administrative and legal violations."